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Atto Commey

Producer and Presenter of Efo WoHo - Political Talk Show 

Outside work Atto enjoys riding his bikes, cooking, eating, skiing and having fun with his family based in the DMV

Mimi Jola

Co-Presenter of Akwaaba Nkomo

Mimi enjoys theatre, ballet and riding her highly impractical, but delightfully traditional, bicycle.

Kwame Antwi Frempong

Producer and Presenter of Talk Of the Nation

Kwame is  disarming because he asks that very hard question in a very simple, direct way. And he’s not mean, so his questions don’t upset people.

Evelyn Mensah

Producer and Co-Presenter of The BiG Show

Away from the microphone Evelyn enjoys entertaining friends at dinner parties, reading, music, movies, walking and going out for the occasional boogie.

Kofi Quansah

Producer and Presenter of Passion Of the Nation "Akwaaba Radio Sports"

When Kofi is not busy writing or back reading the Sports news, Kofi is inclined to pick up his paintbrushes or disappear into the Hauraki Gulf to make small dents in the local snapper population.

Selasi Love

Producer and Presenter of Akwaaba Nkomo

Selasi  combines her search for great location-based radio stories with her passion for islands, remote wilderness and natural history.  She loves meeting and interviewing passionate people, and sharing their knowledge and stories on-air, and what she really enjoys about radio as a medium is its intelligence and immediacy.

SiR Manteaw

Producer and Presenter of The BiG Show

“The BiG Show is about Ghanaian tales, and the people I meet are so passionate as they tell their stories. I love it.”  -- Oh, there’s nothing special about me.

Efa Wo Ho

Diverse viewpoints on political topics of the week

The Big Show

Insights from celebrities and newsmakers

Talk of the Nation

Thought-provoking commentary on headlines

Akwaaba Nkomo

A show about the complexities of life in Africa

Mid-Week Chat

With Precious Hannah