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We Educate. We Inform. We Entertain.

  •    196Countries: Our current audience demographic ranges between 16-24 years foryouth oriented programs, and 25-60 years for our educational and social programs.
  •    4,000+Facebook Likes: We promote networking among African and Ghanaianimmigrants in the US around the world, with a rich Ghanaian culture, music andeducational programs.
  •    1 MillionTarget Listeners:4 star-rating with unique visitors per month, and identified asinternational station with thefastest visit frequency to millions of listeners in US andEurope.

Why Advertise on Akwaaba?

Welcome to the most effective online advertising service targeted to Ghanaian market across the world. Our marketing team not only helps you deliver your message on an emerging media platform, but we help you make informed decisions.

Akwaaba Radio gives you the opportunity to effectively target your message to a specific consumer, rather than a mass media strategy. With Akwaaba Radio, you spend your advertising money where you get the most results.

The Akwaaba Advantage

  1. Our advertising offers a tremendous reach to both current and potential clients, and conveniently reaches all listeners.
  2. Our great demographic - targeting platform allows you to reach a particular Call Akwaaba Studio: (703) 659 - 0625 customer, male or female, young or old, in Ghana, USA or elsewhere around the world.
  3. Akwaaba Radio’s targeted advertising sells begins with our variety of programs that allows you to pinpoint your advertising on the station that best match your ideal customer's interests.
  4. Akwaaba in‐house compiled data identifies page hits, unique visitors and other critical metrics that guarantees that you market your products and services to fit your own budget, and to a broad audience.

Why Advertize Online

  1. Fewer commercials per hour. This low spot load equals high attention levels which increases the chances of an ad to get the full intention it requires.
  2. One click away from an advertiser’s web site. Customers are online and have browser windows open. This makes it very easy to get listeners to visit the advertiser website.
  3. An innovative way to reach millions of listeners and remain cost effective. Delivers a highly targeted at‐work audience like no other medium.

Our Advice to Businesses

We believe that any advertising medium must reach enough of the right people, reach them frequently, and reach them with a compelling enough message to stick in consumer minds. That is what we deliver here at Akwaaba Radio.

Call us today to for our different advertisement options to suit your specific needs.

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